The Missing Centimetre (ENGLISH)

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Language: English





The Missing Centimetre - One family´s Atlantic sailing adventure

Language : English.

Hard Cover

Same Book in German language also available : Sabbatical auf See (Soft Cover)

Book reviews:

"Your book has made my dream come true. We are now two instead of one, sharing the same dream. My wife read it and came to the conclusion that it is time for us to do the same thing. Before she started reading she was not really comitted. Your book was so inspiring that she is pushing hard to get ready for our Cruise. I recommend anyone who might be in the same situation as myself to read and share this book with your partner."

 "This book delivers more than just a toss-the-lines-and-go-sailing story. Instead of lists of gear, Schulz spends time discussing getting the family mentally ready for their adventure... making the reader ready to hop on board and sail away with them" Cruising World, June 2010

"...a very pleasent source of inspiration for all who are thinking of doing something similar". På Kryss, May 2010.

"Schulz writes with honesty and humour as the family learns not only more about themselves but also the world arount them. The enjoyable narrative combined with an extensive range of practical tips and a host of beautiful illustrations encourages the reader to rethink their dreams" Sailing Today, June 2010.

About the book:

The Missing Centimetre is the inspiring story of an ordinary family, with ordinary sailing experience and a common dream, who, together, achieve something extraordinary. Written as they sailed, the story is one of transformation, of a family growing together, learning to take big decisions, dangers, challenges and new worlds in their stride. Not only is it the story of their north Atlantic circuit, but it also offers practical advice and tips based on hard-won experience of blue-water family sailing. If you've ever wanted to know how it feels to make the break, set sail for the horizon and keep going, The Missing Centimetre is for you.

Leon Schulz comments:

My aim in writing The Missing Centimetre was to inspire others - to make anyone who had ever dreamed a similar dream feel at least a little bit more confident about making that dream a reality.

When we first started talking about taking time out and going on an adventure with our Hallberg-Rassy we found very few books or other guides to help us along the way. By being truthful about the worries we had and difficulties we faced, as well as the eventual triumph and transformation we felt, we hope we might help some of you come to believe that it is possible to live a bigger life.

In our case, we snipped one short year out of the measure of our lives to make a voyage by boat, but the big questions we faced, about careers and family and, ultimately, what life is for, should be familiar to everyone - sailors and non-sailors alike.

As well as providing inspiration, I hope I've told a good story that will draw you in and keep you reading. We had a great time, visited some beautiful places and met some wonderful people. I am keen to hear what you think of the book.