LED Bulb - G4 Indirect Lights

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10 - 30 Volt




For the indirect lightning or "Mood lights" we offer advanced colour technique which matches the same colour against the interior wood as the original halogen bulb. As the indirect lamps have many bulbs and are used several hours every day, this LED offers big savings in the energy budget. You will also notice that they do not heat up the cabin as much as a halogen bulb.            1.8 watt. 10-30 volt. Colour Rendering Index = CRI85.


The pin socket for bulbs in the Meta List lamp is often fixed in a way, that make LED bulbs with one fixed light direction not perfect positioned. The lighting result in the boat interior is still very satisfying. See picture No. 2 showing the pin socket.The given position of the pin holes make the LED shine in one fixed direction instead of standard halogen bulb that shines all-around. 

When installing these bulbs to the Hallberg-Rassy Meta List Lamps

Do not compare this LED with cheaper alternatives. Cheaper lamps do not use colour rendering technique which mean that they generate a much colder light even if the colour temp. are rated warm/white. The high colour rendering is obtained by a color ray spectrum very close to halogen light, with more red light and low blue light component (blue light is photo toxic to children retina). It is hard to see the difference between this LED and the original halogen bulb. Cheaper lamps also do not offer ventilation which means that the output is reduced with up to 25% already after 15 minutes of use, when at opertating temperature. The electronic curcuitboard is marinized to guarantee extra long life in the marine environment.